“I have always been attracted to the idea of being able to communicate through gestures, transform matter until I find a meaning, an emotion … by any means, photography, wood sculpture, lost-time casting, collages, the resin inclusions, the earths, the glazes … these are the means I have used the most, I have always worked thinking about creative freedom and play … certainly the artistic current I am closest to is nouveau realism.
I was 16 when the doorbell rings, I go to open the door and there is a gentleman who speaks with a strong French accent asking me if I have some violin pieces to sell him, I tell him that when I have an extra piece I use it to make some paintings … I see him very interested but he does not speak then I show him the remains of a violin burned in transparent resin … the gentleman compliments me and walks away perhaps a little disappointed … I decide to chase him and give him a jumper of cello … thanks me and goes away …. two years later I receive an invitation to an exhibition at the Niccoli art gallery in Parma, I go there and discover that the lord was Arman … !!! ”

Video of my interview